6 Tips on How to Make SEO and Social Networks Work Together for Link Building

Social Media and SEO together can cause very positive ripples in terms of creating brand awareness and content proliferation. The idea to use them in tandem should however not be restricted to increasing visibility. Promoting content via social links can really be an ingenious way to keep within the White Hat and Penguin markers and yet have a superb impact.

Facebook updates, Tweets and often newer ideas like Pinterest can also help in evolving social shares in the right away. At any stage, it cannot be ignored that Social Media networks have come to garner a key stake in public minds.

• Let us assume the role of links that work within tweets. To justify their credentials you just need to take a look at blogs vs tweets. Blogs may contain hundreds of words; in doing so they create a mass value for themselves. Now naturally, with the content volume they have, they are likely to take some time to reach masses. A social link within a tweet on the other hand uses very few words and travels very fast. In the blogging vs microblogging debate, the card is drawn richly in favor of the latter.

• Hundreds of thousands of social shares containing links cannot be ignored outright by the master search engine. At an average rate (leave alone a highly increased rate), the contents travel extremely fast within the reader community and hence for the popular searches Google’s robot have to favor the social shares. They can still seek a high ground for the niche searches but over a generic plane the volume is too high not to be taken seriously.

• While trends suggest that the symptom is still in its first stage for logged out users or those who are not personalized but in a short time they will also come very heavily into the picture.

• If search engines believe in their ability to contrive the opinions of target audience then they usually put off the nofollow and keep the social shares in high priority for that particular search. SEO also gives more than a passing glance to blogging and feeds related to a specific social sharing.

• Google also noses ahead with links that are nailed within feeds or that pass the PageRank test. Traffic that is pressed through within a specific duration of time may also be a factor of evaluation for SEO trackers.

• Bloggers and some link-driven journalists may look to top content value by creating easy social sharing channels for them but they have to be pretty careful about not creating top value optimization with inorganic content. At the end of the day, the content made to move through social media + SEO needs to be reader centric.

The stake is getting higher and more versatile by the day. Social sharing can be harvested best through SEO tracking. The idea is to consider the Facebook updates or Tweets not with an eye only towards link building but also as a precursor to brand awareness.

Getting Quality Profile Links for Your Business

Internet is one of the modern day technologies that have revolutionized the way people live their lives. Today, many people are spending much of their time surfing the Internet. As such, many businesses are using the Internet to reach their target audience. As such, these businesses are using link building and SEO services to increase their visibility to target audience.

Today, profile links have become very popular in the Internet marketing world. Many businesses seeking Internet solution services are looking for a provider who will offer profile links that will function like another booster of the search engine. As such, it is important to know what to look for in order to get the best services from the solution provider. Consider the following:

• Look for services of high quality. Services that will create backlinks that will enhance SERPS for your target keywords. This will make it easy for your target audience to find you via search engines. This will help your business achieve its marketing goals more efficiently.

• Ensure that the service provider you choose uses forums that are well ranked in posting their links. The place where they place your links should be reputable. This will make them look real. It is also important that the service provider use the right text on the signature or bio. This will make Google love it as it will be contextual and real.

• Look for a service provider who offers protection on their services. These services should come with a guarantee so that in case success rate drop to an alarming rate, you can get replacement. This will ensure that the success rate for your Internet marketing project get back to the top without incurring extra expenses.

• Professionalism is also an important aspect of a service provider that you need to consider. This is because profiles should be created with adherence to LSI. This will give your business the best power from the profiles offered by the services. It is also important that you get a detailed report upon completion of your project.

• Considering that there is an increase in the number of providers of Internet solution services, it is important that you look for a provider of affordable services. Depending on the nature of your project, different service providers will charge you differently. Therefore, you should do some research before you hire these services.

• It is also important that you hire a service provider who is experienced in creating profile links. This is because they are knowledgeable about various tactics that can give a client the best results in their project.

Selecting a Link Building Service to Promote Your Business

Everyone who owns a website understands that link building is a tiresome but necessary exercise. It is one of the best ways of increasing website traffic and yet, most people don’t have the time or patience needed to carry it out properly. To skip the hustles associated with the process, most businesses prefer to hire a professional link building service provider.

This makes it easy to attain high online presence and also gives the business owner time to concentrate on other pressing issues. There are several companies that promise to offer high quality services and though this is the case they fall way below par. To ensure that you make the appropriate choice, consider the following.

• Referrals: This is one of the most reliable ways of finding a reputable provider. If there are other people willing to vouch for them, it is an indication that the services they offer are of high quality and capable of meeting your needs.

• You need to tread carefully when you come across a link building service provider that is too good. You should look at their popularity and make sure that they have been in business for at least three years. Look at the type of track record they have established as well as their work history and previous clients. In the event you don’t see anything that interests you about the company, it is advisable to carry on with your search.

• The ethics used to carry out link building should be of the highest standard possible. This is because if inappropriate techniques are used, it can get your business blacklisted. Consequently, do not settle for a service provider that does not follow through with the appropriate techniques. This is the only way to ensure that your business does not suffer and it also guarantees that your engine rank does not go down.

• You should also establish that they are credible for the purpose of ensuring that they have your best interests at heart. In this case, it is advisable to settle for a provider that is flexible. They should be willing to do everything that is within their power to ensure that what they deliver works in the best interest of your business.

• The quality of customer service offered is also important and this can be easily established by looking at how they respond to your queries and any problems you present. They should be in a position to give you reliable contact sources such as email address and phone number. The easier it is to get in touch with them, the better.

• Always, take time to carry out thorough research rather than rely on information from other sources. Look at the track record of the company and the type of reputation they have in the link building service industry.

Advantages Of Curriculum Linked School Trips

Most of us are familiar with what has become a childhood ritual – School trips! That’s right, taking children for school trips like amusement parks, farms, factories, nature centers and other outdoor activities contributes some of the key elements in their learning process. Several researches have documented that school field trips to a great extent, contribute to their cognitive skills and environmental concepts. Moreover, children get a positive attitude towards their environmental science and have better perception when it comes to acquisition of knowledge and skill.

Furthermore, field trips can stimulate a natural interest in nature related concepts or give them a bigger picture of what they want to do when they grow up. Although, almost schools indulge in school trips once in a while, most parents and teachers overlook the amazing benefits that come with these school trips and the impact it has on children’s education.

Here Are Some Excellent Advantages Of Conducting Curriculum Linked School Trips:

• Reinforcement – taking a child to a trip can help a teacher reinforce what she has been instructing them in class about a subject, and this helps children understand the topic better since they see real examples. Also, it becomes easier for a teacher to reinforce her subjects and instructions on children without taking much effort, as children can see their subjects in real life, which makes it easier for them to understand.

• Engaging – teaches can make these field trips as their mobile classroom since the teacher can keep on teaching students on her subject while they are on the trip, and children on the other hand can enjoy their trip while still take in the effect of studying in a classroom.

• Activities – once you’re back from the trip, teachers can encourage students to collect data about their trip, perform quizzes for them to enjoy and do projects based on what they learned on their field trip.

• Curiosity – we all know that children are quite inquisitive in nature and when kids get to visit places which they have never been before, they tend to learn more about the subject which have been taught in class, and explore their questions by themselves.

• Exposure – not all get to visit places they like, and when they get this opportunity through a field trip, they get the exposure that they had never experienced before. This is especially for students who are less fortunate and do not find opportunity to travel with their parents.

• Episodic memories – educational trips can create an everlasting impression on children’s memories, as their episodic memories can retain information for longer period of time. Hence, it is guaranteed that children tend to learn better about a subject from a field trip than what they generally do through textbooks.

• Perspective – another example of how students benefit from educational trips is by absorbing new perspectives of the word. It doesn’t matter how big or small the duration of the field trip is, when children come in direct contact with different environment, they develop new perspective on different places, culture and the society.

A place which has recently become extremely popular for such field trips is SEA Life, as it accommodates 1000 different marine species with some of the rarest creatures that have thought to the extent. The entire place is covered with 14 different themes that can mesmerize children and yet give them the most intense marine educative experience.

Link Value


A recent Google algorithm update highlighted the fact of good quality links. Google Penguin is a code name for a Google algorithm update that was first announced on April 24, 2012. The update was aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by using black-hat SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, participating in link schemes, deliberate creation of duplicate content and others.

What are Link Schemes?

A website page ranking (also known as PR) is partly based on analysis of those sites that link to you. The quantity, quality, and relevance of links count towards your rating. The sites that link to you can provide context about the subject matter of your site, and can indicate its quality and popularity. However, some webmasters engage in link exchange schemes and build partner pages exclusively for the sake of cross-linking; disregarding the quality of the links, the sources, and the long-term impact it will have on their sites. This is in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and can negatively impact your site’s ranking in search results. Examples of link schemes can include:

• Links intended to manipulate PR

• Links to web spammers or bad neighbourhoods on the web

• Excessive reciprocal links or excessive link exchanging (“Link to me and I’ll link to you.”)

• Buying or selling links that pass PR.

The best way to get other sites to create relevant links to yours is to create unique, relevant content that can quickly gain popularity in the Internet community. The more useful content you have, the greater the chances someone else will find that content valuable to their readers and link to it. Before making any single decision, you should ask yourself the question: Is this going to be beneficial for my page’s visitors?

Relevance in Link Building Works Best

It is not only the number of links you have pointing to your site that matters, but also the quality and relevance of those links. Creating good content pays off: Links are usually editorial votes given by choice, and the buzzing blogger community can be an excellent place to generate interest.

How to calculate the Page rank Weight of a Link

To increase the popularity of a web page, website owners need to link it to other relevant quality sites. Any back link from any webpage increases your website’s PR (except with no-follow links). There are two measures that need to be defined:

(a) PR and

(b) The weight of a webpage.

What is Page rank (PR)?

PR is the overall ranking of a webpage where as the weight of a link from that page is diluted by the number of outbound links.

So there is a difference between the PR from each web-page, depending on its PR and the number of outbound links it has. The higher the number of outbound links on a webpage the lower the transferred weight of the link to your webpage.

Get Links

The best way to increase your website Google PR is to get links from webpage’s that have a low number of links from them and their Page rank is high. This weight is calculated based on the Google PR Formula. For your convenience, below We have provided a simplified explanation of Google Page rank formula.

An Example of How to calculate the PR Weight of a Link

Google’s Page rank formula uses a standard weighting factor for each Page rank. Re-produced here:

PR Standard Weight

PR 0 = 1

PR 1 = 5

PR 2 = 25

PR 3 = 125

PR 4 = 625

PR 5 = 3.125

PR 6 = 15.625

PR 7 = 78.125

PR 8 = 390.625

PR 9 = 1.953.125

PR 10 = 9.765.6256

The simplified formula used looks like this and has been approximated:

PR Weight of the Webpage of the Link divided by the number of links on the page plus 1 *85%

Values in the example:

An example: Your webpage page rank = PR 2

Link PR = 6

Number of outbound links = 25 plus 1 = 26

Applying the formula: PR 6 = 15.625/26 *85% = 510.81 added to your existing PR weight for PR 2 (25) = 535.81 or PR 3 as total value is less than PR 4 (625). Page rank of your page would increase PR 3.

Damping Factor

The damping factor is a number representing the probability that an Internet surfer randomly clicking on links will eventually stop clicking. And according to the original paper on Page rank by Google it’s set to 0.85. This means that only 85% of the total links to that are counted in the calculation.

PR Weight of a Link

This is value in terms of amount of Page rank that will be passed on to your each web page linked to from the web page you’re checking.


This formula has been simplified for convenience but gives an accurate approximation of the Page rank weight of a link. It shows very clearly to get links from Web Pages with high Page rank (always difficult as most links are from home pages) and few links from them (also very difficult). The Page rank weight of all links is then added together to ascertain the Web Page ranking. The more you have the better it is. There is just one caveat: Google only re-calculates and updates page rank 2 or 3 times a year.

Understanding Google’s Quality Criteria – A Crucial Aspect of Contemporary Link Building

Link building is a crucial aspect of search engine marketing. It includes various practices like link baiting, link buying, paid link advertising, social media marketing, press release and blog posting. Successful accomplishment of all these actions helps in enhancing the quality and number of inbound links to a specific web page. Being a vital element of search engine optimization, link building focuses on driving quality traffic to a specific site.

The success of a link building campaign depends on several aspects. Google, being one of the most widely preferred search engines on the web, works as a major determinant of quality link building. Thus, before involving a strategic link building campaign, it is imperative for one to understand Google’s quality criteria. While, Hummingbird update made it obligatory to make the link building strategies Google-proof, the latest Panda, and Penguin updates changed the way at which one looks at on-page and off-page SEO. Dissecting Google’s complex yet advanced search algorithm is relatively tough; however, pointing out the distinct guidelines of what not to do is comparatively easier. Let us have a look:

• Strict No-No to Scrapped Content

Scrapping content from a well-ranked and renowned site and using it simply as a magnet to attract the readers is not at all an acceptable way to draw links to a website. While using content from a different website one should focus on modifying it considerably, so that it suits the requirements of the website and the preferences of the audience. One should remember that including fresh data, views and opinions is far better than just doing copy paste.

• Avoid Doorway Sites

Doorway sites help in drawing traffic to a specific website, but these sites do not offer any additional value to the user. These bunches of websites generally use multiple search strings and keyword phrases that link back to the same site. Thus, in spite of using different search keywords a user ends up surfing the linked website. This not only hampers user experience, but it also diminishes the popularity of the search engine.

• Restricting Content Syndication

Content syndication with popular publishers and blog sites like Yahoo is an effective way to create back links to a website. However, if the content is exactly the same in the website, as well, then the risks of facing search engine penalties increase to a great extent. One can avoid these circumstances, by using correct canonical attributes in the site HTML. Apart from this, one can prove the authenticity of the content by publishing it before anybody else. In such cases, one should use clear authorship mark-ups that signify authenticity of the content.

• Evading Low Quality Guest Posting

Google strongly opposes the publishing of unauthentic and thin content that does not provide significant information or value to the readers.

Adhering to the above-mentioned quality criteria of Google will not only help one to create quality links but it will also help one to secure the website against search engine spamming.

How to Keep Your Profile Link Building Natural

As you contemplate making your website more accessible and effective, there are certain considerations that must always ring in your head. One of these considerations is linkage building. One of the greatest concerns for many website owners is how to get more links for their profiles. They will therefore get all sorts of links irrespective of where they get them from. But as much as getting more links is essential in search engine optimization, you should ensure that their sources are authoritative and relevant. Moreover, for your website to be more effective, it should have a natural profile network building.

The main idea of network building is to acquire more traffic on your website by making it available to the largest number of its target audience. However, many people accomplish this through the unprofessional way. They will just get every link that comes their way without considering its source. This is at times very risky for your website because some of these linkages may not measure up to the standards of your website. So, the best strategy of making your website available to your target audience is to keep your network looking natural. This means that it should not appear to have been influenced in any way. But how can you achieve this? Well, here are some of the factors that you should consider whenever you are looking for networks.

Factors to Consider When Building Profile Linkages
• Network timing: You should never overwhelm your search engine with so many networks at once. Make sure that you are consistent so that your search engine doesn’t experience those enormous jumps. Some website owners overwhelm their search engines by adding thousands of networks overnight which is very unusual.

• Anchor text: For your network building to be successful, you have to make sure that you have varying anchor texts on your website. You should also ensure that your main keywords are linked back using the anchor texts. But you should also avoid using similar anchor texts for all your keywords because it might raise the alarm. Use various texts so that they look natural.

• Relevance: It is very troublesome to connect your website with sites that are not in any way related to your business. This makes the whole idea of building networks appear influenced. You should therefore make time to check all your networks to see if they are in line with what you offer on your website. That way, your business will be exposed to largest number of your target audience.

Pit Bull Training – The Power Of a Reward

If you have any personal experience in training a pit bull then you must already know the power of a reward.

Rewarding your pit bull will encourage him to obey your commands and listen to you. A good reward will also get your pit bulls full attention, which you need no matter what you are trying to train your dog. A reward is also what lets your dog know that what he is doing correct and you are proud of him.

So does this mean that you need to carry around treats with you wherever you go? No, of course not! There are a lot of ways to reward your pit bull for good behavior, giving him treats is just one of those many ways.

You should never rely on just treats, but instead try to incorporate different kinds of ways to congratulate your dog for good behavior.

Remember that the real objective of a reward is to congratulate your pit bull and show him that you are pleased with what he is doing.

One way to do that, which is quite popular in the dog training community, is through clicker training. A clicker is just a little plastic training instrument which “clicks” whenever you press it.

As crazy as it sounds clickers actually work and do a pretty good job when it comes to motivating the dog to do something. Of course you can’t just start clicking and expect your dog to understand what all the clicking means. That would just confuse your pit bull!

First you would have to associate the clicking sound with a positive reward. You have to link the two together so your dog understands that the clicking sound means he did the trick right.

The best way to do that is to start off by using treats whenever your dog does a trick and as soon as you give him the treat, you press the clicker to make the click noise.

Remember Pavlov and his experiment with his dog? Well essentially this is the same thing, except you are not clicking when you are about to feed your dog, but using the clicker as a way to reward your dog for good behavior. Basically whenever your pit bull hears the clicker, he will feel rewarded and more motivated to listen to your future commands.

Keep using the clicker and treats together for about a week, and eventually you can start using just the clicker without the need for any treats at all! Of course if you want you can still use treats every now and then, but you won’t have to rely on treats alone anymore.

Another good motivator, as simple as it sounds, is just praise and some attention. Your pit bull will always seek your attention and your approval. Just simple a simple praise and a pat on the head can be a powerful reward tool.

Make sure you always praise and reward your dog for anything good he does. Even a simple command like “Come Here” or “Sit” still deserves to be rewarded. If you only reward the harder tricks and don’t reward the basic commands, then why should your pit bull think that the basic commands matter when only the harder to do commands get your attention and yield a reward?

2 Tips to Help Get Your Pit Bull In Shape

This article will deal with your Pit Bulls health and how to start

getting them in great physical and mental shape.

While I’m not a perfect Pit Bull owner and I have made my share of mistakes, I also believe in giving my girls as much exercise as I possibly can. This means making a few sacrifices for them.

For example, instead of watching the latest episode of CSI: Crime Scene or the new hit show, Criminal Minds I choose to walk my girls.

This two hours normally spent sitting on my rear watching TV has been converted to exercise time for both me and the girls.

It’s easy to free up time you think you do not have and on the road to a healthy, fit Pit Bull freeing up this extra time is essential.

Getting Started on the Road to a Healthy Pit Bull

You can do two things right now to immediately impact the long term health of your Pit Bull(s).

1.) Get them on a healthy, fresh, raw diet as quickly as possible.

When you provide a fresh raw diet to your pal(s) you set them up for better health almost immediately. For the record I also feed kibble but I feed it mixed with something raw (hamburger mostly) or I feed 100% raw.

This works for me and my dogs. You will have to find out what works for you and yours.

The raw diet will help expel contaminants and other nastiness from your dog before you start them on a proper fitness program.

2.) Hand-Walking for 3-5 miles a day.

What? 3-5 miles a day? Are you joking?


Walking is primal and taps into your Pit Bulls canine instincts. Walking is a great way to get exercise and build a bond for any Pit Bull.

Canines are animals who love to roam and explore their world.

Hand walking also helps you form a bond with your Pit Bull(s) and this helps build their mental health as well. Once they see you as a confident leader their attitudes on walks will change dramatically. A dog who was once a puller will suddenly start to pull less and less.

Hand walking is the most basic but most powerful gift you can share with your pal(s).

Start Off Slow and Let Your Dog Dictate the Pace

Start off at your current level of exercise, if it’s none, well, get out of the house and walk your dog.

Then slowly increase the walking distance and let your dog tell you when it’s time to move on to the next step. He or she will tell you they are ready by their behavior.

Are they really sore after 2 miles? Then you shouldn’t move up to a longer distance until they can recover quickly after walking 2 miles.

Are they panting heavily and appear stressed? Then back off a little and notch it down to a reasonable amount of work that doesn’t result in this situation.

After you start hand-walking your dog for 3-5 miles and they are ready to go for more, increase it to 5-10 miles.

You will progress slowly. Also, you have to consider your current health as well. Are you able to accomplish this? If not, start off with a distance both you and he or she can complete without killing yourselves.

Take it to the next Level

After you are walking up to 5 miles a day and he or she is recovering well you can start to add other outlets for exercise into the program.

For example, Gunther is walking 5 miles a day and still wants to play at the end of the walk. He is showing you that he is ready for another out let. Working on obedience for 15 minutes or having him on the spring pole for 5-10 minutes are both ways to add more outlets to his over all fitness routine.

The distance of the walk is important too. It should be long enough to burn off excess energy but short enough as to not harm your dogs health.

A physical fitness program should always start with a trip to the vet. I would suggest asking their advice on a correct physical fitness program as well.

Exercise is the missing link most people are in desperate need of.

Long hand walking can also remove behavior problems as well. As they say, “a tired Pit Bull is a good Pit Bull.”

Out of all the things I suggest for getting a Pit Bull in great physical condition, hand walking for 3-5-10 miles every day is by far the most successful activity to date.

I know it works for my girls and it helps me to reduce my own personal stress levels and stay some what in shape too.

Social Media Link Building Manually

One way to create links manually in social media environments is by visiting social media sites, forums, and blogs and leaving behind comments with your links in them. However, the great majority of these environments No Follow their links. A more useful way to obtain links from blogs, for example, is to build a relationship with the owner of the blog. The major steps of this process are as follows:

1. Build a list of blogs that are related to your topic area.

2. Start visiting those blogs and adding comments without linking back to yourself, and

develop a relationship with the author(s). The early stages of the relationship begin when the author starts responding to your comments. You can even reach out to the author through one of the major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn.

3. Once the relationship has been built and seems solid, let the author know about a related value-add resource you have, either through direct contact (preferred) or in a comment. Make sure there is a real connection between your resource and the content from the author (even if you have to create the content on a custom basis, that’s OK). These steps are meant to be conservative to avoid a backlash from the owners and/or authors of the blog. You can extend this process to forums or social media sites as well. There are ways to be more aggressive with this. Some publishers do not really care about building relationships first and want to push the process much faster. However, there are two significant issues with this:

• Depending on the level of aggressiveness, it may be a violation of the Webmaster

Guidelines and the search engines may choose to take action against a publisher who

pursues this course of action.

• There could be a backlash from the community itself. Offending one blogger may not be a huge issue, perhaps, unless he is very influential. Offending hundreds of bloggers would probably be much worse, particularly if you are trying to establish your site as authoritative in a topic area. In forums, blogs, and social media sites, offending people can quickly scale to a problem of large proportions.

Buying links for SEO

One of the more popular spam techniques is to buy links. This has two significant advantages:

• It is easy. There is less need to sell the quality of the content of your site; all you need to do is determine that the third party is willing to sell a link, and set a price.

• Since the link is an ad, you can simply specify the anchor text you want. Anchor text is a powerful ranking signal, and this is one of the major reasons people engage in link buying. The major downside is that buying links for SEO goes against

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Here is a brief summary of Google’s policy on paid links:

• Links given in return for compensation should not be obtained for purposes of increasing Page Rank.

• The link should be freely given, and the publisher of the potential linking site should be informed of what the publisher is doing. An example of a link where the publisher is not informed is one that is hidden in the No Script tag of a JavaScript-based widget.

Google is not saying that publishers should not be able to buy ads on the Web. Its policy is that links should be purchased only for the traffic and branding value they bring. Google also recommends that publishers selling ads on its site use No Follow links, which means they will have no SEO value. On another note, PPC campaigns using AdWords, Microsoft ad Center, and so on are not considered a violation of the policy against paid links. This is because search engine advertising links are easy for the crawlers to recognize, and the search engines simply don’t count them as a source of link juice. There are three major methods for buying links. These are:

Direct link advertising purchases This method involves contacting sites directly and asking them whether they are willing to sell text link ads. Many sites have pages that describe their ad sales policies. However, sites that openly say they sell text links are more likely to get caught, resulting in their links being disabled from passing Page Rank by Google.

Link brokers

As we mentioned earlier, link brokers are companies that specialize in identifying sites

selling links and reselling that inventory to publishers looking to buy such links.